As a Blended Learning Teacher, I am encouraged to use Technology throughout the day to differentiate my instruction and enrich my students' learning. As a result, I am constantly trying to utilize new apps and programs! I am going to do my best to update this page periodically with some of the fun and wonderful apps and technology that I love to use in my classroom!

ST MATH: is a nonverbal adaptive software that adapts with the student. As he or she plays, they are challenged to complete fun and exciting levels that develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills to help the penguin, Jiji, move through the game. It is aligned with Common Core and user friendly for both teachers and students. It is a classroom favorite, that we use almost daily during Math Centers. 

Shadow Puppet Education: is a wonderful and easy to use app that allows for students to create educational videos. Students can add pictures, text, notes and their voice to express their understanding or to create stories. I use this often as an assessment and end of unit performance task. Students love planning out their videos and sharing them with the class! 

PicCollage: is an awesome collage making app where students can combine pictures, text and fun stickers to create visual representations of their learning. We often use this app to brainstorm before writing, develop our understanding of vocabulary or depict sequence after reading a story. After using it, we can print out their fun collages and hang them in the classroom! 

RAZ kids: is a wonderful program that is designed to differentiate reading development through an easy to use student app. Students can log on and read books at their own level and then take a comprehension quiz. As a teacher I love it, because not only can I print off readers for use during Reading Rotations but I can track their progress, analyze their data and use what I learn to help them more!

Lexia: is an incredible Language Arts adaptive software that focuses on mastering foundational skills, so as to build and grow individually in the five areas of reading (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency and Comprehension). In my classroom, we use this app primarily as  a differentiation tool during small group reading rotations. My kids love the engaging games and activities! 

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