Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sacrament Matching Game

       So about a month ago my school put on a religion night to help bring students and their parents together  in their faith. I was in charge of creating the very simple sacrament matching game for parents and kids to work on in the lower elementary wing. Because our school has students who primarily speak Spanish at home with their parents, we created a spanish version of the game as well. Below are two pictures of what the game looks like and the links to download the game for free. 

Our parents got quite the kick out of being able to correctly identify the sacraments with their symbols. 

Love this quote

I absolutely love the beauty of this quote. It's my goal every single day to aim to inspire and not just teach.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My little Environmentalists

Thanks to all the learning done during our Expedition on humans and how they affect nature, my second graders are the best little environmentalists ever! They are super recyclers and they've been picking up trash everyday at recess all on their own.

I've even had numerous parents tell me that they cannot get their son or daughter to stop googling endangered animals or telling them about how humans can negatively influence the environment without realizing it.

I'm sure after a while the parents are going to get annoyed, but I'm so proud!

Below are some of the simple illustrations and sentences they created to tell about how they can be a positive influence on the environment.


Friday, February 8, 2013

School Promotional Video

The link below will send you to my school's promotional video. One of the middle school teachers did an excellent job at depicting our school and its mission. Take some time to watch the video and see what an amazing environment St. Rose is!

You can also check out some awesome scenes of my students fully engaged in our field work trip to the local park where we identified positive and negative signs of human influence in our own community.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy 100th day of school!

Happy 100th day of school! Can't believe its already been 100 days! 

Today my students were split into ten groups. Each group had to come up with ten things that they had learned so far in second grade! By the time that we were done... we had come up with over 100 things that they'd learned so far this year! We had to add a whole other paper! This was their idea to hold up the papers to form the number 100! We used my classroom iPad to create this image! 

Expeditionary Learning Night

My kids finally got to present their learning this past thursday night. I was so proud of their hard work! We had a few different stations set up in the classroom. Students talked about their field trip. They talked about their book, their video and their understanding of the various reasons that animals, plants and insects in Colorado became endangered. They also talked about the overall process of their learning and the targets they had to reach to complete the expedition. They did an excellent job!

As a teacher at my school we have to display the overall process of our learning expedition, using document panels outside of our classrooms. I had to include the Science and Language Arts learning targets for the expedition, as well as the various plans, smaller projects and assessments along the way. I thought I would post the panels to share with you all! :)

This is the document panel that highlights the
various different targets and assessments. 
This is the document panel that highlights the experts,
fieldwork and case study work that were part of our expedition.
Here's the plans for the expedition! 

Catholic Schools Week

Hope you all had a wonderful Catholic Schools Week this past week! I wanted to post some of the adorable cards that my kids made for their parents for Parent Appreciation Day. I love having days designated to different members of the community.

Hope you enjoy the cards!