Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

I wish all those amazing mothers out there, especially mine, a wonderful Mother's Day! As part of our current unit on Mary, the mother of God, my students created the below cards for their own moms. Even God needed a Mom! Their inside messages are the cutest!


We're making Rosaries! Now that First Communion is over, we're starting to learn all about Mary and how to pray the rosary. I bought these adorable giant rosary kits off the internet here. I was getting so exhausted saying, "Get that off your neck. A rosary is not necklace. It's a tool for prayer." It seems that many kids these days have no idea how to properly use or respect a rosary. When I was in First Grade, we made rosaries as a class and I still have mine to this day. There is no better way to engage and motivate students to understand how to use a rosary, then to make one! 

My students are loving it! 
As soon as we're done making our rosaries, we're going to learn how to pray them! We've already started practicing all the different prayers!

A to Z mysteries!


My kids are currently obsessed with Ron Roy's "A to Z Mystery" Series. We are literally devouring the series as a class.

A few weeks ago after talking on the phone with my little sister, Paige, I decided to read my students the very first one, "The Absent Author." Paige had loved them when she was in 2nd grade and read every single one of them with my dad. They had a list of the entire series on the fridge at home and had checked them off one by one.

My students had been lagging as of late with the books in my classroom and I thought this might be a great way to get them motivated to read again. So, I picked up the "Absent Author" and read it with as much expression and excitement as I possibly could! I hooked them in! Since then we've checked out every single A to Z mystery from the school library and the local neighborhood library. The poor librarian at school is frantically trying to buy more of them to complete the whole library set. The pictures below show my kids obsessively reading them during our Daily 5 portion of our day. I love how engaged they are in their books.

I hope it continues ALL summer!

I decided to create a checklist similar to the one my dad made for my sister. You can get it below. 

Bullying Petition

The 7th graders at my school have been working on an expedition all about different marginalized individuals in our world. They've been researching different individuals in history, religion and daily society. Some of the students are creating a presentation to raise awareness of bullying as part of their expedition. They even created a petition! Right now it has 106 signatures! They're trying for 1,000. Follow the link below to sign it!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Teacher's Appreciation day!!

I know I'm a day late but Happy Teacher's Appreciation day! It's been a few weeks since I've posted and I have sooo much to update you all on. 2nd grade has been super busy with finishing our most recent expedition on Famous Ameriacns, receiving First Communion and getting ready for May Crowning. All of which went great! I'll update soon! 

Until then...check out the card and diet coke one of my students gave me yesterday! Clearly after a year with me, my students know how much I love diet coke and chocolate! Gotta love how observant little kids are!

My favorite part of the card is the chalkboard.
We don't even have a chalkboard in our classroom!
The lovely picture of me with "blonde" hair is great too. lol
I had to take a picture of my Super Big Gulp next to my diet coke poster.
The poster says, "This classroom runs on love, laughter and lots of diet coke!" haha